Various Trivia

Our Dog: Leo

Leo is a rescue, a four year-old husky/chocolate lab mix. He gets a lot of attention at home, but also in public, to the point that he now responds when someone says the word “beautiful.” I know, gross, right?

Our Cat: Myzie

Myzie is probably 16 or 17, and can often be seen walking leashless alongside us on our street or the Danforth, where she garners significant attention of her own. She is mostly tailless (due to an unknown injury when she was younger, came home with her tail bent, which required amputation), and determined as hell.

In April 2021 Myzie suffered a right temporal lobe mass in her brain (MRI: “large contrast enhancing mass in the right temporal lobe which extends through the calvarium into the adjacent tempora musculature”). We did not hesitate to have her treated, and she had an emergency rostrotentorial craniotomy. Aside from a few minor quirks (her menace response is now reduced, and as a result she tolerates and accepts close contact with Leo), she fully recovered in a few months.

Dvorak Keyboard

I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. It’s more efficient than the standard Qwerty keyboard most people use.

Green Power

Our home is powered and heated by 100% renewable energy from Bullfrog Power. As of spring 2023, we have prevented the release of 45.08 tonnes of CO₂ into the atmosphere.