Novel: Literary Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction

A Tidy Armageddon

All the products of human creation have been arranged by an unknown hand into a vast grid resembling an outdoor warehouse, a maze of homogenous nine-storey blocks, each comprised of a single item: watering cans, electrical transformers, fake Christmas trees, helicopters, plastic spoons, and everything else human culture has ever produced. 

Novel: Dark, Poetic Literary Thriller

The Sky Manifest

A desperate man’s cross-country journey in search of redemption, or destruction.

Novel: Literary Adventure About Books & Airplanes

Night is a Shadow Cast By the World

Popular bookseller Cordell Bechard climbs aboard a vintage DC-3 aircraft that has landed unexpectedly behind his house; the plane takes off, and his wife Marla is left to pick up the pieces, and try to determine his fate, while Cordell struggles against international intrigue to return home.

Short Stories: Literary and Science Fiction

The Death of the Moon

An abandoned husband’s newfound culinary power summons a strange apparition; a woman discovers that she can sense the death of loved ones over a great distance; a conflict between gangs leads to a violent conclusion on a beach; a blind woman encount­ers a startling apocalypse in a winter forest; a single word exerts a powerful erotic effect on a woman; two scientists struggle to translate an extra­terrestrial message; and, during the hottest sum­mer on record, cousins share a taboo love. Delicately-coloured and highly original, these stories interpret existence, from the deepest reaches of interstellar space to the smallest nooks of the heart, exploring both the terror and the radiance of being human.