Welcome to the website for Brian Panhuyzen, Canadian author of short stories and novels and freelance FileMaker database developer (visit the Neutrino Data Systems website for more info). I have published a short story collection, The Death of the Moon (Cormorant Books), plus I have a novel The Sky Manifest with ECW Press.

The blog posts here tend towards left-leaning politics (i.e., anti-selfishness, pro-democracy, anti-corruption, pro-people, with strong support for compassion and collective support systems that favour human quality-of-life over the wealth of a few individuals and corporations), anti-superstition (astrology, black magic, religion), pro-creativity (support for artists), pro-environment, and pro-bike. I’ve come to all these positions through careful thought and consideration, not because of emotional attachment to ideas (can you justify with logical arguments why you believe what you believe?) or because of indoctrination by parents or other authority figures.