That Was Fun, Let’s Do It Again!

4.5 stars!

My novel Night is a Shadow Cast By the World is free from Amazon again, this time on New Year’s Day. Start 2013 with a rollicking adventure.

Wander through the pink city of Jaipur, explore an eccentric book store, smuggle guns, fly a DC-3 below radar, play the flute with exquisite skill (and kill somebody with your performance), walk a brilliant dog, eat sushi, drink stinky water, fix things with epoxy, ride a camel, spy on supermodels, fight the CIA, sign a confession, take a bath, deceive your inlaws, flirt with an old flame, swear in church, drink tequila and dance in the alameda, brush up on your Spanish, steal a fuel truck, try on a dhoti, foil a Russian plot, land on a burning runway, fly a kite, crack a secret password, pick a lock, set off some fireworks, mitigate poverty, study your spouse’s dreams…all this happens! Really!

Details here.

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